Tobias Gibson once said, “Great people talk about ideas. Small people talk about other people.” Well that may or may not be true, talking about other people may be adaptive. We all find ourselves engaging in this activity from time to time and it may not be all bad. This review of the psychology of gossip is an interesting read, especially for those addicted to perezhilton.com.


One thought on “Gossip

  1. Its weird that the front half of the article puts all of the emphasis on the information gaining aspects of gossip and its use as a tool for improving social status. Although that’s certainly true, these could just be byproducts of the original process, and just from intuition it seems more likely that gossip evolved b/c of its use as safe, low cost punishment. This seems particularly likely when we think about power dynamics between genders and how attentive to gossip women are.

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