Whitney Brammer

Whitney Brammer is currently a first year clinical psychology graduate student at UCLA. She received her B.A. in psychology from UCLA, where she completed her senior honors thesis under the guidance of Dr Steve Lee, which examined the influence of callous-unemotional traits on functional impairment in groups of children with and without ADHD and aggression. Prior to joining the program, she additionally worked with Dr. Shelley Taylor in the UCLA Social Neuroscience Lab. Her research interests include the etiology of disruptive behavior disorders and psychopathy in childhood and adolescence.


One thought on “Whitney Brammer

  1. Hi Whitney,

    My name is Saskia Giebl. I am orginially from Austria, Vienna, and moved to Los Angeles November last year. I am very interesting in applying for a Phd in Clinical Psychology next year.
    Prior to this I would like to get involved in research. Do you have any tips as in how to approach Professors or how to get into a Research Lab if not studied at UCLA before.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts,
    Many thanks in advance,


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