Tackling the Admissions Process: What to Know about Applying to Graduate School in Psychology

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More Tips: Getting Involved With Undergraduate Research

Here are some additional tips for becoming involved with undergraduate research:

1. Reaching Out to Graduate Teaching Assistants
Do you have a favorite psychology subject course that you have taken? Try talking with the Graduate Student Teaching Assistant of that course to get a better of idea of the kind of research that he or she may be involved in. There’s a good chance that your TA will be involved with research that is related to the content of the course you are interested in. Talking with your TA will give you a better idea of ongoing research in the field.

2. Reaching out to Professors
Do you have a favorite psychology professor? Why don’t you look up their lab website online or even approach them during their office hours to see if they are currently recruiting undergraduate research assistants in their lab? It can’t hurt to inquire about research positions, especially if you are interested in the course material that they teach.
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Psychology Degrees Pay Less Than Others: Don’t Do it for the Money

There are many features to consider when choosing a field. Just to name a few: job security, hours, quality of life, and pay. A recent report from Perspectives on Psychological Science reviewed one of these factors for individuals who received psychology degrees across the educational ladder. Their conclusion: those who receive psychology degrees make less money, on average, than their counterparts from other fields. Those who major in psychology for their bachelor’s degree have a median starting salary of $35,300, which is well below the average of $42,719. This gap persists into midcareer levels. Think getting a master’s degree will help narrow the gap? Not so much. The authors state: “education beyond the baccalaureate will probably result in a higher salary, but fields with relatively modestly paid baccalaureates, such as psychology, are also the fields with relatively modestly paid master’s degree holders.”
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Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research

The world of research can be scary if you don’t know how to navigate the many fields and labs. But luckily a few tips can really demystify the process! Continue reading