Psych In Action is proud to present our newsletters for online viewing! Newsletters are produced quarterly by a team of doctoral students from all areas of psychology who write, edit, and print original articles on content that is relevant to our fields. We distribute the newsletters at our quarterly outreach events and each edition is centered around a theme that is appropriate to that audience, from high school students to parents to social workers. Past themes have included childhood development, working with at-risk populations, and descriptions of the various areas of study within the field of psychology.

Psych In Action issue 1 – Children

Psych In Action issue 2 – Teens

Psych In Action issue 3 – Older adults

Psych In Action issue 4 – Working with at-risk populations

Psych In Action issue 5A – Some current topics in psychology

Psych In Action issue 5B – Some current topics in psychology